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Free Bloomsbury professional content for ICAEW firms

A deal between Bloomsbury Professional and ICAEW will give eligible ICAEW firms free, unlimited access to the latest tax and accounting information via an online library of more than 60 core titles.

December 2018

This will ensure fingertip access to extensive, authoritative information on which practices rely to provide fully compliant and up-to-date client advice.

“This deal represents a fundamental change in the value that we can provide eligible firms,” ICAEW Executive Director Sharron Gunn said. A key aspect of ICAEW’s role is to help improve the standards of accounting and the provision of easy-access, reliable content enables it to deliver on that. The Bloomsbury service will provide desktop access to some of the country’s leading tax and accounting subject matter experts via the premium content made available

The new level of support provided to firms comes free of charge to eligible ICAEW practices. Those already subscribing to the service on individual contracts can realise a direct saving as it will be replaced by their ICAEW provided content, and for many it will see a significant improvement in the depth and breadth of knowledge to which they have access.

The agreement has been made for five years, ensuring a reliable and long-term provision of business-critical information. The Bloomsbury Professional service includes core legislation, expert commentary and tax cases which will provide an invaluable resource.

“This agreement forms part of our ongoing commitment to improve the standards of accounting globally,” Gunn said. “It adds a very real value to the support that we provide firms and ensures they can deliver the highest standard of service to their clients.”

Further information can be found at icaew.com/CoreATS 

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