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The accountant who sold the world David Bowie

Who knew that the man who first signed a little-know David Bowie was a London chartered accountant, who also looked after the Rolling Stones’ money, lost the key to Led Zeppelin’s cash safe and once threw Rod Stewart out of his office?

Hunky Dory, Laurence Myers

December 2019

Laurence Myers FCA has now published his memoires, setting down for the first time what he can best remember from 20 years at the heart of ‘60s and ‘70s rock and pop.

Over 31 chapters, ‘Hunky Dory (Who Knew?)’ recounts his early life, the job his mother wanted for him, training and qualifying as an accountant, the trials and tribulations of breaking into the music industry and just what it was like to run one of the most successful music businesses. Before going full time into the music business in 1970, Myers was ‘the accountant’ at its very heart.

Qualifying in 1960, Myers went into practice representing, among others The Rolling Stones, The Beatles’ Apple Corp, Mickie Most, Jeff Beck, The Animals, Herman’s Hermits, The Kinks and Led Zeppelin.

In 1970, Myers quit his accounting practice and went full time into the music business starting the GTO/Gem group of companies that managed David Bowie, The New Seekers, Alan Price, The Tremeloes, The Sweet, Sailor and Lionel Bart. His record production arm had a string of hits with Edison Lighthouse, Heatwave, Donna Summer, Scott Walker, Billy Ocean, Dana, The Dooleys, The UK Subs and Tom Jones.

As Angie Bowie, David Bowie’s ex-wife, says: “Laurence took a big chance on David when the record business was not interested in him. David was always grateful for his help at that time.

Myers has also been credited with inventing the compilation album business, starting Arcade Records In 1972, with offices in London, Holland and Germany. The company released many Number 1 albums including ‘Elvis’s 40 Greatest,’ which was the UK’s biggest seller at the time.

Now in his 80s, Myers is still working – he might not have been the man to make the headlines, but without him, some of the headlines would not have been made.

Andrew Loog Oldham, Manager & Producer of The Rolling Stones 1963-1967, says: “Laurence swam with the bottom feeders and flew with the high-flying divas, he emerged with a smile and a great tale that is very well told in this book. Enjoy! I did.

Hunky Dory (Who Knew?) by Laurence Myres is available now.

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