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Fight the winter CPD blues

Get your CPD back in the black this February with 2019’s essential line up of training courses, tailored for LSCA members.


February 2019

As part of its commitment to supporting you throughout your career, the LSCA’s continuing professional development programme, Essentials CPD, is now up and running.

Designed and delivered by experts who are passionate about the profession, Essentials CPD will provide you with technical expertise to keep you up to date, maintaining your reputation for quality work and reinforcing your commitment to professional and ethical standards.

Our 2019 CPD programme is designed to help you maximise your own potential and help your team to fulfil theirs.

What’s coming up:

Employment taxes update (spring)

This seminar will update you on all changes affecting employees and their employers for the coming tax year. It will draw on recent legislative change, together with proposals affecting the taxation of employment income, benefits and expenses.

7 Mar 2019 (pm) Kempton Park Racecourse

11 Mar 2019 (pm) Hendon RAF Museum 

25 Mar 2019 (pm) 1 Wimpole Street, W1

Finance Act (spring)

This seminar will cover developments in the most recent Finance Act, focusing on those issues most important for the smaller practice and their clients. The impact of changes on previous advice, and any likely changes which might be necessary will be identified, and suitable solutions suggested for any practical issues that may arise from the legislative change.

25 Mar 2019 (am) 1 Wimpole Street, W1

1 May 2019 (am) Epping Forest

Tax update (spring and autumn)

This seminar, depending on the timing, will include an update on tax changes since the Spring Finance Act, and possibly any Budget content that has been announced. It will also examine some of the future proposals in tax, identifying situations where your advice to clients may have to change.

18 Mar 2019 (pm) Kempton Park Racecourse

2 April 2019 (am) Hendon RAF Museum

29 April 2019 (pm) 1 Wimpole St, W1

Accounting/financial reporting update (spring)

This seminar will cover changes made to FRS 102 and FRS 105 following the triennial review. Using examples and case studies, this seminar will take a practical look at the opportunities and pitfalls of transition for entities small, medium or large, and even micro companies.

8 Mar 2019 (am) 1 Wimpole Street, W1

13 Mar 2019 (am) Hendon RAF Museum

15 Mar 2019 (am) Kempton Park Racecourse

27 Mar 2019 (am) Epping Forest

Audit assurance update (spring)

This seminar will take a fresh look at scepticism, independence and audit evidence using ICAEW’s new film, Without Question. When the faculty used the previous film, False Assurance, on its roadshow it received excellent feedback from delegates, some saying that it was the most useful audit course they had ever been on. So far the consensus is that Without Question is even better!

3 May 2019 (am) Kempton Park Racecourse

Do more in a day than you do in a week 

Being effective is a crucial aspect of our wellbeing. It gives us a sense of achievement, autonomy, certainty, purpose and control, and this, in turn, leaves us more fulfilled and motivated to do more. This workshop, run by CABA, is a chance for you to step back and review what you do (goals and priorities), how you do them (strategies), and your relationship to them.

8 Mar 2019 (pm) Chartered Accountants’ Hall, EC2

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