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Leading healthcare campaigner to speak at LSCA dinner

Martin Bromiley OBE, airline pilot and chair of the Clinical Human Factors Group, a charity committed to understanding and learning from the human aspects of procedural errors, will be the keynote speaker at this year’s London Society of Chartered Accountants annual dinner on Thursday 13 June at the Royal College of Physicians.

Martin Bromiley

March 2019

The CHFG is a charity that works with healthcare professionals, managers and service users partnering with experts in human factors from healthcare and other industries to campaign for change in the NHS and healthcare.

Founded by Martin in 2007 following the death of his wife two years previously, CHFG is an independent campaign group which aims to stimulate dialogue and demonstrate through concrete action how a better understanding of the role of human factors can have a significant impact on safety, quality and productivity in healthcare.

As a consultant paediatric surgeon at Birmingham Children’s Hospital has said: “We are undergoing a quiet revolution and Martin Bromiley will, one day, be recognised as the man who showed us the way.”

Of human error, Martin says: “Human factors tells us that, actually, we’re all wrong, no matter how good we are, and we need people around us to help. It’s creating that open environment within your colleagues, being open to suggestion.”

You can hear about how he became involved in spreading the human factors message in this video. It covers issues of medical error, death and bereavement so if you would find that distressing only watch from about seven minutes in.

LSCA President Helen Brennam says: “If you’d be interested in hearing about how human factors are relevant to all professions, not just medicine and civil aviation, then please keep this slot free in your diary.”

The LSCA annual dinner will be held at the Royal College of Physicians on Thursday 13 June 2019. Book your place 

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