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ICAEW Council election nominations open soon

Nominations for ICAEW Council elections, including a number of seats in London, will open in November 2018. If being involved in ICAEW high level decision making is something that interests you, this is a good time to start thinking about putting yourself forward or lending your support to other members in your constituency.

November 2018

Council is the ultimate governing body for the ICAEW. Council members are prominent ambassadors for ICAEW, networking with peers and lending their voice to help influence and develop the profession. Council elections are held every two years for representatives to be elected for a four year period.

The 2019 ICAEW Council Elections will go live in November 2018. The qualifying date was 17 October 2018. All members with a registered address for election in their voting constituencies as of the qualifying date are eligible to participate in the elections. For constituencies that go to ballot, voting will take place in February 2019.

In addition to being involved in discussions around high level strategy, elected members of council also are responsible, wherever possible, for representing the views expressed by their constituency. Additionally, council members also have the power to stand for and elect future office holders.

Putting yourself forward for election is straightforward:

  • Complete your application online via ICAEW nomination system.
  • Submit a candidate statement in the template provided.
  • You will need five nominators from your constituency.

More details can be found on the ICAEW’s Council elections web page or email Chiefexecutivesoffice@icaew.com 

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