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Tech Faculty recommends cyber tool kit

The ICAEW Tech Faculty is highlighting a comprehensive guide to tackling cyber risk produced by the National Cyber Security Centre.


November 2019

Earlier this year, the National Cyber Security Centre released its Board Toolkit. It is a comprehensive guide designed to help board members manage cyber risk.

As the NCSC says: “Boards are pivotal in improving the cyber security of their organisations. The Board Toolkit has been created to encourage essential discussions about cyber security to take place between the Board and their technical experts.”

The guidance is extensive and applies to firms of all sizes. It breaks the advice down into three sections:

  1. Get the information you need to make well informed decisions on the risks you face.
  2. Use this information to understand and prioritise your risks.
  3. Take steps to manage those risks.

By following the guide, any organisation will be able to implement information protection controls that work for them. There is no single “good” approach to cyber security. Each organisation will need to evaluate its own risks, technologies and ways of working.

The guide sets out a series of questions a board could ask itself, technical staff and suppliers. These questions will a firm better understand its own cyber risk and the controls it has in place.

The advice contained in the Board Toolkit is written in a way that is easy to follow, digest and to implement. It is highly recommended that firms consider using this guide to manage cyber risk.

This article first appeared in ICAEW Tech News

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