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ICAEW helps teachers with real world maths

Using real-world examples, such as going to university and running a festival stall, ICAEW is helping teachers to bring maths to life with free Key Stage 4 classroom resources.


November 2019

Around a quarter of questions in GCSE maths exams involve applying maths to real-world contexts, but analysis of past papers showed that many pupils struggled with this. As a result, ICAEW has designed the resources to help GCSE maths students tackle context-based questions.

The new teaching resources use financial examples to provide real-world context and engage pupils in understanding mathematical concepts. They have been designed to help teachers make maths more accessible, engaging, and relevant, while preparing students for exams.

The content is set to the new GCSE syllabus, and has been written to cover a range of abilities and fit within existing teaching plans.

Mathematician and teacher Bobby Seagull, who appeared on University Challenge and hosts the Maths Appeal podcast said: “As a school maths teacher, I welcome these new resources from the ICAEW. Around a quarter of GCSE maths questions ask our students to apply maths to real-world contexts. Students often struggled with context-based problems. So, these ICAEW materials link well to the examined syllabus and gives me an additional, excellent set of resources to help prepare my students.

Rebecca Bolton, ICAEW Financial Capability Manager, said: “It’s important that we engage young people in maths with a financial context, to give them experience of dealing with situations they may face in real life. ICAEW operates under a royal charter to act in the public interest and it’s in the public interest that people know how to manage finances in situations such as applying for loans or paying rent.

We hope that by using these resources teachers and schools can improve their students’ maths performance.

The resources are available for teachers to download for free 

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