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London ICAEW council member is new Vice President

Julia Penny, a London member of ICAEW Council and regular contributor to London Accountant, has been announced as new ICAEW Vice President for 2020-21.

Julia Penny

November 2019

Julia is an audit, accounting and anti-money laundering technical specialist. She has worked at organisations including Wilmington PLC, Wolters Kluwer and Baker Tilly.

In 2013 she joined ICAEW Council. She was a member of the ICAEW Technical Strategy Board until June 2017, when she joined the ICAEW Ethics Advisory Committee, which she currently chairs. Julia has also been a member of the ICAEW Board since June 2017.

Julia said: “I am passionate about my membership of ICAEW and I believe that as Vice President I can help to restore trust in our profession and develop the future of chartered accountancy.

“I have experience of audit, ethics and financial reporting, having taught and written about them for 30 years. I want to use that experience to ensure ICAEW adapts to a changing landscape, fully reflects the diversity of current and future members, and acts to restore trust in our profession.

Current ICAEW Vice President and former LSCA President William Brooks said: “There was a strong field of candidates for the role, as there is every year. Julia has shown great enthusiasm and commitment to ICAEW and is an excellent choice as Vice President.

Julia will be Vice President for the year from June 2020 to June 2021, subject to her formal election at the June 2020 Council meeting. She will be Deputy President from June 2021 to June 2022 then become ICAEW President from June 2022 to June 2023.

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