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Meet ICAEW’s new Head of Enterprise

Nick Levine is ICAEW’s new Head of Enterprise, taking over from Clive Lewis, who was in the role for 25 years. In his first monthly contribution to London Accountant, Nick introduces himself and what he hopes to achieve from the role.

Nick Levine

September 2018

I am a proud ICAEW member, and qualified at a medium sized London based audit firm. I was attracted to the profession by seeing how transferable the accounting skillset is and how it can be applied in both practice and in industry.

I have always been a heavy consumer of business and finance news, and in interviews with business leaders noticed how often interviewees cited their background and training at ICAEW firms.

Subsequent to qualifying, I undertook a number of commercial roles in alternative finance companies, and prior to joining ICAEW was the Advisory Lead at Propel, a division of Deloitte that supports start-ups and fast-growth SMEs with curated cloud accounting software and add-ons.

I am genuinely excited by the rise of the cloud and fintech, and how they have the potential for small business owners and their advisers to cost effectively deploy technologies that were previously the preserve of large companies.

The economic environment, in part influenced by a lack of clarity on Brexit, is a challenging one for businesses. During this time of uncertainty, I am keen to support the small business community and their accountants by making sure that they are aware of issues and government policies from which they can benefit.

I also want to be an SME champion and to best represent their interests around topics such as late payments, access to finance and an increasing regulatory burden. Engaging with members will allow me to understand the concerns of SMEs and to then feedback this knowledge to policy makers.

Nick Levine is Head of Enterprise and can be contacted at nick.levine@icaew.com 

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