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London worst for late filing at Companies House

Companies House reveals companies in the capital are the worst, by a very long way, at filing at their returns on time.


August 2019

More than 56,000 companies registered in London were late filing their accounts at Companies House, the government agency has revealed.

A total of 223,640 penalties were handed out in 2018. Birmingham was the second highest late filer with 6,363 penalties issued, followed by Manchester, where 5,177 penalties were issued.

The news comes after Companies House recently launched a new campaign to help companies avoid a penalty. It highlights the range of quick, simple and secure digital services available to companies so they can file accounts online and on time.

Top five areas in the UK for late accounts

Area  Late Filing Penalties 
 London 56,180
 Birmingham      6,363
 Manchester 5,177
 Harrow 3,935
 Belfast 3,844 

Senior Enforcement Manager at Companies House Nick Parker said: “It is interesting to see how these results vary across the country, but they should serve as a reminder to all companies and directors of their responsibility to file accounts with Companies House.

“Most companies file accounts electronically as it’s easier and faster, and our digital services have in-built checks to ensure that all the relevant information is provided before a customer can submit.”

However, it should be remembered that there are 1.1m business registered in London, so the late filers made up just 5.6% of the total.

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