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FRC releases thematic review of Christmas

Yuletide watchdog Fans of a Real Christmas (FRC) has published its annual review of the festive season, finding a disappointing rise in scepticism and poor judgment, reports London Accountant.


December 2018

The purpose of this report is to highlight the key findings of the FRC’s review of Christmas.

Is Santa Claus real?

A disappointing increase in the number of those who question the existence of Santa. There is a correlation between experience and doubt – we are hopeful that those experiencing Christmas for the first time will continue to have faith in its magic without developing the cynical humbugging that was so missing in the golden Dickensian era of Christmas.

What shall I get?

There is scope for improvement in the making of judgments, with a distinct gender divide. Devoting time early in the run up to Christmas does give a much greater chance to choose a suitable gift, reflecting the effort that was put in selection. Planning to decide on Christmas Eve significantly reduces what you can give. Without due consideration, the risk of a subsequent adjustment is much higher – so gents, please, at least retain that receipt when it needs changing in the new year.

Buy it online

As the use of IT grows, its impact on Christmas cannot be ignored. Even those who still rehang their old Blue Peter Christmas candle tinsel coat hanger thingy must accept that the age of handmade trinkets is drawing to a close (unless you live in Hoxton). Without making use of IT, those who persist with tradition will run a serious risk of missing out.

Boxing day (in)digestion

After the initial hiatus of receiving gifts, the annual Boxing Day ritual of comparing presents can begin. Does size matter, is the quality apparent? Comparisons with others and trends over time are important. How have gifts changed over the past five years, have they kept up with inflation, are the elderly among us losing out to the young, especially those disruptive teens.  When times get difficult, take care that the wrapping does not overshadow the gift inside.


Despite this being an annual event, with so many other distractions the run up can catch some by surprise. Despite protestations that next year will be different, it never is. Christmas still has much to offer, so sit back and enjoy that mince pie and glass of wine. 

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