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Moving to a more digital workplace will create opportunities – better insights using data analytics, improved decision making, new skills and talent – but it also comes with challenges. There are new cyber security risks to address. Questions about people management and employee monitoring to answer. Creating a culture that allows for productive self-management can be tricky.

There are lessons to learn from others’ experiments, however. Some pioneers have a head start and know where the critical considerations and complexities lie. This includes an organisation’s approach to the finance function – working remotely has already pushed much of the function onto the cloud, and provided teams with deeper, real-time data to work with.

Managing the return to work

Skills for the future

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Eight ways to ensure your finance automation project succeeds

In an era of unparalleled uncertainty, automation offers the tantalising prospect of increased accuracy, agility, and efficiency. But as many finance professionals will testify, change is hard, and the path to automation is far from straightforward. How can you ensure your finance function automation project has the best chance of succeeding?

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Finance transformation: a problem for now or the future?

Finance transformation will be one of the most in-demand skills over the next 10 years, says career coach for financial professionals, Oliver Deacon.

A person sitting at a laptop with a cup of coffee, a notebook and a pair of glasses on the desk.
Why finance teams need to upskill now

COVID-19 has accelerated digital adoption across all business sectors. The finance function needs to embrace tech and develop new skills to keep up.

Data security and risk

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Maintaining an ethical and supportive culture during remote working

How accountants are tackling hybrid working model dilemmas such as workforce fragmentation, on-the-job training and organisation detachment.

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How to build on existing cybersecurity

Even with reasonable cybersecurity measures for remote working in place, a move to a hybrid working model will increase the risk of a breach.

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The growing threat of ransomware

Ransomware has been in the news a lot recently, but what is it? How can you avoid being a victim? And should you pay the ransom if you are attacked? The Tech Faculty’s Kirstin Gillon explores some of the issues.

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Set ‘human firewalls’ to be cyber safe

Good cybersecurity succeeds and fails on people, so it's essential for chartered accountants to create and foster a strong security-aware culture in their organisations.

Utilising data

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Technology: changing businesses, improving Internal Audit

  • 31 Aug 2021
It stands to reason that if technology has changed the way in which businesses are run, it has also shifted the way in which the Internal Audit function is performed.