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Climate change learning programme

Author: Michael Izza

Published: 24 Jun 2019

Climate Change is the single most important challenge the world faces, and is going to drive profound change in our lives. It should be a priority for us all, both personally and professionally.

Its implications for business are already being realised, as extreme weather patterns have resulted in the downgrading of credit ratings and even bankruptcy for some companies.

For business to adapt successfully, we will need systematic change – but this cannot be achieved without the understanding and involvement of finance professionals.

Virtual learning

In collaboration with Deloitte, we’ve designed a learning programme, to help business and finance professionals learn more about the effects of climate change and how to help tackle it.

At its core, the programme consists of two video learning modules – the first of which sets out the impact that climate change is having on humanity and business, while the second equips businesses to implement change, manage the risks and challenges, and take advantage of the opportunities that climate change presents.

Key features of the programme include considerations for financial statements and how to translate the effects of climate change into tangible measurements.

In addition to the two main modules, there are also interviews with experts who are driving action on climate change, and a comprehensive list of links to external resources.

Support and engagement

The programme is free and open to everybody, wherever you are in the world – not just ICAEW members – so please help spread the word and encourage your colleagues and wider communities to engage with it and consider its guidance and recommendations.

It is supported by a number of high-profile bodies, including HRH The Prince of Wales’ Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S), the CBI, the Climate Disclosure Standards Board, the Hughes Hall Centre for Climate Change Engagement and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

I hope this programme will help to educate viewers about the dangers of climate change and encourage action to address it. Business can and must play a leading role – and must adapt quickly – in order to safeguard the long-term health and prosperity of our planet and future generations.