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Energy Transition

The move from fossil fuels to renewable energy and what it means for the world economies.

Energy transition: from baby steps to a sprint


Across the globe organisations are setting ambitious targets for carbon reduction. But how does an energy company translate those targets into action? Hong Kong’s CLP Group knows exactly what pathway it is on.

Local council investments turn sour in Nottingham and Merton


6 January 2021: A review has severely criticised Nottingham City Council over the failure of Robin Hood Energy, while Merton Council wound up its affordable housing subsidiary before building even started to cut short its losses.

Towards a smarter, more flexible energy system for GB


16 November 2020: In this sponsored article, Smart Energy GB urges businesses to install smart meters to help control their energy costs and better manage supply and demand as we move towards a more sustainable future.

Energy reporting ramps up for cost savings


10 March 2020: businesses are being asked to report on and reduce energy use in order to save billions as part of the government’s drive towards net zero. Rachel Underhill, ICAEW Business Strategy Manager, reports.