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Funding recovery when government support comes to an end will be key; and accessing debt and equity markets will take time and preparation.

Don't miss out on our daily summary of the actions governments are taking to combat the impact of the virus on their populations and the global economy. We also produce daily summaries of the actions that regulators are taking and how global business and markets are recovering from the pandemic.

Why is fundraising by women so much harder?


6 January 2021: “We need to do more to invest in companies that are founded and led by women,” says Armance Bordes, General Counsel at Sofinnova Partners. “There are many studies that point to the gender gap that persists in fundraising, making it so much harder for women to raise capital.”

How to understand what investors want


5 August: Jeremy Stunt has experience on both sides of the table when it comes to raising funds. He explains what matters when trying to attract investors.

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