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Global trade

What initiatives around global trade are taking shape as we emerge from crisis planning and into recovery?

Don't miss out on our daily summary of the actions governments are taking to combat the impact of the virus on their populations and the global economy. We also produce daily summaries of the actions that regulators are taking and how global business and markets are recovering from the pandemic.

Port of Rotterdam: “every Brexit is a hard Brexit”


22 September 2020: It was no good making assumptions. The Port of Rotterdam had to prepare for no UK/EU trade agreement early and now, with just a few weeks to go, it has already built a community of consensus, through stakeholder buy-in, to its new procedures.

Export: a risk too far or a risk not to try?


22 September 2020: For some companies, the domestic market is big enough. But what happens if the local market goes away? Export can be a saving grace. ICAEW Insights hears from two real-life cases of export success.