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Government action

Views on national government actions to support the recovery and lead nations out of the crisis.

Don't miss out on our daily summary of the actions governments are taking to combat the impact of the virus on their populations and the global economy. We also produce daily summaries of the actions that regulators are taking and how global business and markets are recovering from the pandemic.

How to future-proof policymaking

22 September: The European Commission intends to embed strategic foresight into policymaking and to develop ‘resilience dashboards’ for key priorities. Will mainstreaming foresight deliver future-proof policies?

What is the state of the European Union?

17 September: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen used her first set-piece ‘State of the European Union’ speech yesterday to outline her vision for the coming years and make several ambitious policy announcements. Susanna Di Feliciantonio, ICAEW Head of European Affairs, reviews the key points.

A look at the EU’s autumn in-tray

7 September 2020: With autumn in the air, ICAEW Head of European Affairs Susanna Di Feliciantonio takes a closer look at some of the key items on the EU’s agenda for the rest of the year.

Solving the UK’s productivity puzzle

28 August: Since 2009, the UK has struggled with a slowdown in the progress of productivity. ICAEW Insights examines the causes of this ‘productivity puzzle’ and looks at how the government could tackle this in its COVID-19 rebuilding programme.

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