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Infrastructure and Recovery

A plethora of financial, climate, health, societal and business issues have resulted in significant challenges for economies globally. Pressure on public finances, and the need for simultaneous levelling up, will be immense – while private investment must be more enlightened. Where does infrastructure investment fit into recovery?


Infrastructure: reconnecting the UK


The UK has spent significantly less on infrastructure compared to other OECD countries over the past three decades. Can new projects reverse the trend and provide a boost to the whole country?

Energy transition: from baby steps to a sprint


Across the globe organisations are setting ambitious targets for carbon reduction. But how does an energy company translate those targets into action? Hong Kong’s CLP Group knows exactly what pathway it is on.

Port of Bristol: at the heart of the south-west economy


24 February 2021: In an endeavour to develop the local economy and build its reputation as a location for sector excellence, three huge sites based around the Port of Bristol have been put forward for freeport status.

Efficiency and risk: auditors and infrastructure projects


24 February 2021: Bill Meredith, Audit Partner at KPMG, specialises in infrastructure, building and real estate businesses. He says climate and social risk and impacts are all much better understood and reportable than previously.

At a crossroads: recovery and infrastructure


24 February 2021: Economies across the world are at a crossroads. ICAEW President David Matthews outlines the scale of the challenges we now face and comments on the investment that will support recovery and change.

Infrastructure plans put Hong Kong on the global cultural map


24 February 2021: When you think of the dense metropolis that is Hong Kong, vast expanses of green, open spaces and a hotbed of artistic and cultural activity aren’t necessarily the first things that spring to mind. And yet a vast new development in the West Kowloon district is looking to transform the landscape and put Hong Kong firmly on the global cultural map.

Exporting building-research excellence from the UK


23 February 2021: The Buildings Research Establishment has been a trailblazer in its field for a century. Much of the language it uses to describe what it does today is very familiar to chartered accountants.

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