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International management

Just-in-time, Lean, cash-flow, supply-chains – all have come under scrutiny. Which management techniques have been robust enough?

Don't miss out on our daily summary of the actions governments are taking to combat the impact of the virus on their populations and the global economy. We also produce daily summaries of the actions that regulators are taking and how global business and markets are recovering from the pandemic.

High Court backs FCA business insurance claim case


16 September: Judges say insurers should cover SME business interruption insurance claims made during the pandemic, writes Financial Services Faculty commissioning editor Brian Cantwell.

Five tips for effective scenario planning

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This guide, created by the ICAEW Business and Management Faculty, shares five practical tips finance professionals may wish to consider when preparing forecasts and planning for the future.

Tips for increasing the value of your firm


3 September: selling an accountancy practice is always a difficult decision, but once the choice is made how can you maximise the value of your firm? Practice owner and author Della Hudson outlines several measures to help potential sellers.

Economy needs to grow its way out of crisis


31 July: A leading economist has called on the government and businesses to work together to help the UK economy grow out of crisis, with deregulation, tech adoption and more flexible business models high on the agenda.

Procurement: a tool for social good


6 August: The City of Vancouver is aiming to have 50% of its service contracts with ethical or diverse suppliers by 2023. Alexander Ralph and Kim Buksa from the city’s Supply Chain Management department tell us how they’re going about it.

Maintaining agility post coronavirus


22 July 2020: Many businesses want to maintain their newly found agility as we emerge from the pandemic. How can they achieve this?

Air transport: creative thinking for post-COVID take-off


21 July: Eleni Kaloyirou, CEO of Hermes Airports, the company that manages the two international airports of Cyprus, talks about the impact of COVID-19 on the air transport industry and its outlook for the future.

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