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COVID-19: global recovery

Recovery from the worldwide economic crisis brought about by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will be piece-meal but informed by initiatives from around the world. While national government schemes will continue to support economies during the immediate crisis, international action will help shape the recovery. Here we track those regional, national and supra-national activities.

A crisis with a legacy Economic Insight


Business spotlight: pushing for tidal power

13 August: It is convenient to tag green ideas onto economic recovery following a global pandemic. But when it comes to supporting the technologies that deliver green, what is really going on? ICAEW Scotland member Chris Milne explains.

COVID-19 – crisis with a legacy

A global pandemic has meant business needs to rise to the challenges that have developed and find a way forward through the storm. It also given us the opportunity to press reset and build businesses for a new, more sustainable economy. But where do we start? Economist Anna Leach and futurist Susan Cox-Smith look at how companies are weathering the storm, and the lessons they can share.