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Features from February 2020

New thinking, practical advice and professional insight.

Investor influence on the rise as business risks increase

27 February 2020: investor interest in corporate strategy is on the rise amid a growing range of business risks, but how influential is this engagement, and what implication does this have for accountancy? David Adams investigates.

Diversity: rights, guidance and knowing where you stand

28 February 2020: today we talk in terms of diversity, but a decade ago the language was more around equality and discrimination. The passing of the Equality Act 2010 was the game changer that informs our understanding of diversity today, but the history of equality or anti-discrimination legislation is one of gradual change.

Can dynamic pricing work for accountants?

26 February 2020: used by airlines, ride-hailing apps and the likes of Amazon, dynamic or “surge” pricing is becoming common practice among today’s digital-savvy businesses. But how should accounting firms approach this brave new world of pricing their fees?

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