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Accountants and bookkeepers are vital in supporting UK SMBs

Author: Dext

Published: 13 Sep 2021

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Join Dext for an exclusive audience with Steve Wozniak. We'll be leveraging his unique expertise to provide key takeaways for accountants and bookkeepers in meeting the evolving demands of digital and ecommerce businesses.

Hear first-hand how to:

  1. Adapt accountancy to the ‘instant’ digital business culture
  2. Select the right business tools on which to build your business platform foundation
  3. Stay up to date on and set trends for the next evolution

Don’t miss out on the chance to engage with one of the legends of our time - ‘Woz’ himself.

About Dext

Dext provides digital tools that help accountants and bookkeepers like you to automatically and intelligently process and analyse financial data. So you can advise in real time with better levels of insight than ever. With an armoury of the right tools at your disposal; accountants and bookkeepers are the backbone of every successful business. And through the Dext platform, those tools have become even more powerful and integrated to meet the demands of businesses today.

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