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Supercharge your processes with Xavier


Published: 07 Dec 2020

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How much time do you spend cleaning up mistakes in Xero at year end when you could be helping clients? Save time this December and give you and your team a head start for the busy period coming up with Xavier.

Xavier has you covered for identifying clients that will need cleanup, before any inconsistencies or errors become a problem, and resolve them easily. The simple traffic-light alert system will identify duplicates, mis-coded transactions, anomalous payments and missing data in your Xero clients instantly, with an attractive health score and PDF export to help communicate any issues with your clients.

This guide will take you through how to set up Xavier for your practice processes using our 'Focus' workflow builder. Using 6 simple metrics from the Xavier Practice Dashboard to prioritise your client portfolio, Xavier's workflow functionality can then guide your team through the checks needed to make sure your clients are in top shape for the busy period ahead.

The guide includes our top recommended templates for simple and fast Xero health check services, easy VAT return preparation, and guidance for advisory during this difficult period.

Save time, save money, and save clients with Xavier.

About Xavier

Take control of your Xero data with Xavier Analytics; spot data anomalies, track key liabilities and prioritise your clients to take action & empower advisory in your Practice.

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