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Help design HMRC’s MTD services for agents

8 June: HMRC is calling on accountants in practice to contribute to the design of agent services for MTD for income tax.

While there is no firm date for MTD for income tax becoming mandatory, HMRC is continuing to work on the system and there is an opportunity for ICAEW members to contribute to the design of the agent interface.

HMRC is looking for volunteers to help build the design requirements for the following aspects of the agent services account:

  1. Bulk client sign up: The need to sign each client up to MTD for VAT individually was very time consuming for agents. HMRC is exploring whether it might be possible to design a bulk sign-up facility for MTD for income tax.
  2. Multiple agents: Businesses sometimes use different agents for different taxes and sometimes need to give authority to more than one agent for the same tax. HMRC is seeking input from agents around the requirements for more than one agent to be authorised simultaneously.

Caroline Miskin, from ICAEW’s Tax Faculty, says: “It is at this early stage in the design, when there is more flexibility to make changes, that agents can make the most difference. The research does not involve clients and there is no requirement to commit to joining the MTD for income tax pilot.”

If you are interested in volunteering please contact caroline.miskin@icaew.com