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Filing deadline extension for FCA-regulated, unlisted companies

23 April 2020: the Financial Conduct Authority has announced a two-month extension for submitting regulatory returns.

The FCA has announced today a two-month extension to the requirement to provide annual report and accounts under SUP 16 handbook and as required under Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules alongside other regulatory returns. This is a welcome extension by the FCA that brings it in line with other extensions that have already been provided by other parts of the FCA and the PRA.  

For the full list of returns please see the FCA website

For small or medium-sized businesses (defined as those who pay less than £10,000 in fees and levies in 2020/2021), the administrative fee for late returns has been waived until 30 June 2020. 

Whilst not all return deadlines have been extended, the fee for late returns has been waived until 30 June 2020 for all returns. 

Other guidance on filing deadlines can be found at: