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Viewpoints on the news during February 2020

Opinions and news analysis, covering the worlds of business and accountancy.

Diversity in the UK civil service

28 February 2020: the #icaewchartofthemonth is on diversity in the workforce, highlighting the strides that have been taken to improve gender, minority ethnic and disability representation in the 445,000 people that work for the civil service.

Bring the broadband: can better connectivity level up Britain’s economy?

25 February 2020: the government’s pledge to ensure every UK household and business has access to gigabit-capable broadband is ambitious, but could play a large part in its goal to “level up” the economy. How feasible are these plans, and what benefits could it bring UK PLC? William Ham Bevan investigates.

Government brings back minimum wage name-and-shame laws

24 February 2020: the government is set to relaunch its naming and shaming regime of employers who fail to pay their staff the national minimum wage (NMW) or national living wage. Chris Warmoll reviews the changes due to go live in April 2020.

5MLD proposal: new rules to extend TRS

21 February 2020: HM Treasury has published its consultation on the extension of the Trust Registration Service (TRS) as required under the Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD).

NAO sounds alarm on local authority commercial property investments

19 February 2020: The National Audit Office (NAO) last week reported on the 1,340% increase in local authority spending on commercial authority acquisitions in the three years to March 2019 compared with the previous three years, highlighting the risks these investments could pose to the public finances.

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