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ACA student manager

The ACA student manager is responsible for administration and monitoring of exam training in larger organisations and is the person that a student reports to when carrying out particular tasks or assignments.

Register as an ACA student manager

To register as an ACA student manager, please download and complete the results access application form.

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Who can be an ACA Student Manager?

ACA student managers do not have to be a member of a professional accountancy body, or have direct line manager responsibility for students. They must, however, be technically competent to supervise the work of ACA students - for example they may be an HR specialist.

Key responsibilities

ACA student managers:

  • must understand the professional development requirements of the ACA, so that they can encourage students to progress through the ladders. They should also help students to explore the issues raised and to draw conclusions.
  • should provide information to the counsellor and/or QPRT about their students’ work performance ahead of each six-monthly review. This includes information that will help the Counsellor or QPRT to make judgments about their students’ professional development progress.
  • are best placed to monitor and advise on the range and depth of work experience that students are receiving.

Day-to-day responsibilities

An ACA student manager can:

  • view their students' online training file which includes the training agreement history, exam and education history, credit for prior learning awarded and exam applications.

An ACA student manager cannot:

  • conduct their students' six-monthly reviews; or
  • complete the final sign-off at the end of their students’ training agreement.