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Benefits of the joint programme

The ACA CTA Joint Programme enables students to achieve two prestigious qualifications – the ICAEW chartered accountancy qualification, the ACA, and the Chartered Tax Adviser qualification, the CTA.

This new route is likely to take three to four years and those who successfully complete it will be eligible to apply for membership of both ICAEW and CIOT, providing they have met the criteria for membership which includes undertaking relevant professional work experience.

The programme maintains the rigorous standards of both ICAEW and CIOT, and offers students a more efficient route to become specialists either in the tax affairs of owner managed businesses or major corporates, or in indirect tax.  

Key benefits

  • Optimised study time: duplication of tax within the ACA and CTA syllabi has been reduced, so that students are not examined twice in the same subjects.
  • Flexibility: students have the option to sit the CIOT examinations at any point in their studies, with the exception of taxation of major corporates which has to be sat before the ACA Case Study.
  • Specialism facilitated: the option of two routes designed for students specialising in the tax affairs of large corporates or indirect taxation means they can mirror this in their training.
  • Cost effective: through studying both qualifications simultaneously, the route to qualification, as both an ICAEW Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser, should result in students spending less time out of the office and more time on study relevant to their employment. The cost of studying for the Joint Programme is likely to be less than following the traditional route.
  • Earlier qualification: as the programme provides an integrated route to qualification of both ICAEW and CIOT, successful students should be able to pass all the examinations earlier than if they had followed the traditional, individual route to qualification.