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Business partnering and personal impact courses

Business partnering, ethics and communication skills to enable you to influence your business more significantly, frequently and consistently. Our business partnering, personal impact and business ethics training courses cover topics including communication, commercial skills, strategic management skills and influence.

All courses are live virtual classrooms and can be delivered in-house.

Virtual classrooms

Advanced storytelling

Learn to transform your numbers into compelling narratives that inspire and motivate action.

Bring the numbers to life with commercial insight

Have you ever been challenged to ‘be more commercial’ or to ‘tell the story behind the numbers’? Would you like to learn how to bring your data to life, to earn you a seat around the table to influence the strategic agenda? Or would you like to inject some new life and soul into your monthly management reports, to grow your impact and gravitas?

Effective communication skills for influencers

This communication skills training course will equip you with the tools to Increase your influence and persuade more effectively, through real presence, powerful questioning and listening techniques.

Finance business partnering

This interactive CPD training course will give you a practical understanding of the skills required to be a great business partner and how to apply them in the workplace.

Inspire, Persuade, Lead - how to speak in public so that people really listen

Harness your strengths as a speaker and create fast moving, current presentations that create an empowering conversation with your audience rather just speaking at them.

Managing teams - building a high-performing finance team

This interactive team management training course gives valuable insight to any manager who wants to influence their teams in a powerful and sustainable way.

Technician to influencer

This commercial influence training course will help you to go beyond a traditional accounting role and proactively add value to the organisation through effective business partnering and commercially-focused insight.

Understand your impact: for women in finance

This is a fast-paced, interactive course that blends neuroscience with the latest business research and proven entertainment production values. Participants leave with a toolbox of techniques they can implement immediately.

Additional courses available for in-house delivery

For more information on how you can run any of the below management training courses for your team or to find out how they can be tailored to your company, please email academy@icaew.com.

Impactful presentation skills

Deliver compelling presentations with confidence. Learn the structuring technique to maximise impact.

Making and communicating strategic decisions

In this masterclass you will learn how to make difficult strategic decisions, and how to best communicate them for maximum impact.

Pricing for finance business partners

Learn the secrets behind pricing strategy, and how you can apply the learning to influence higher profits in your organisation.

Skills of proactive management

Gain an understanding of why core management and delegation skills are important to business relationships.