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Public sector

As a public sector finance professional, your opportunity to influence the agenda has never been greater. As the demands on public services continue to rise and funding comes under increasing pressure, the need for finance to step forward and lead is clear. The ICAEW Academy has worked with some high-profile public sector finance teams and developed a tailored programme addressing the key challenges relevant to the public sector.

How our Public Sector tailored programmes can help you.

  • Understand the mind-set behind successful business partnering in the public sector.
  • Translate data into the valuable insight that influences decisions.
  • Build strong relationships and influence even the most difficult managers and policymakers.
  • Know what it means to ‘be commercial’ in the public sector
  • Ask powerful questions, to move the agenda forward and promote new thinking.
  • Stay relevant with the latest technical and financial reporting updates.

The public sector finance business partner journey

Each module stands alone, but for maximum impact we recommend taking all modules over a three-to-nine month period. We work with each organisation to tailor individual tasks between each module, further embedding the learning.

Module 1:
Finance business partnering
We explore our model of world-class finance business partnering, giving you the opportunity to self-assess your performance against our capability framework. You will identify personal gaps and form your development plan, setting the scene for the rest of the journey. We finish the module by exploring the differences between data and information, and how we can uncover the root cause and drivers of performance that lead us to insight.
Module 2:
Technician to influencer
Learn a number of practical tools and techniques that will enable you to better understand your stakeholders and have a greater impact in your interactions with them. Know when and how to build effective internal relationships, and how to leverage these to ensure your business is fully reaping the benefits of your financial expertise.
Module 3:
bring numbers to life
You will review your current reports and presentations and develop an improvement plan during the module. We will show you how to uncover the commercial story behind the numbers, using powerful root cause analysis and lateral/creative thinking techniques. Finally you will learn new powerful visualisation techniques to bring your reports and presentations to life, adding context and meaning.
Module 4:
The commercial accountant
With ever-growing budget constraints within the public sector, the need to be able to draw on not just the highest levels of financial expertise but also commercial acumen and understanding, is greater than ever before. Learn the art of negotiation with a commercial focus and see how you can apply that knowledge as a finance professional to provide more insightful and timely financial support within the public sector.
Module 5:
Leading with resilience
Achieve your goals and drive business performance through resilience and wellbeing. You will learn how best to support and challenge your team so that you can help them to maintain their performance levels. The course will leave you feeling more confident in your ability to lead using a calm, consistent approach in times of change or when disruption occurs.