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Testimonials about the ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency

See what people are saying about The ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency.


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"I really enjoyed studying for the ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency as it provided the flexibility of when I could take the exam and I felt less pressured than those students who were sitting the CPI exam where there is only one sitting each year. It was great because I could study around my work hours and at weekends. The tutors were really helpful and I worked with a great bunch of students, to whom I became quite close during the study period and a number of us still keep in touch.

I would definitely recommend the ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency exam as it was a different experience from doing a normal written exam. It was extremely flexible and you could book the assessment whenever you were ready to sit it. The assessment can also be taken up to 4 times, just in case you don’t make it the first time, like I did!"

Harjeet Kalsi, Insolvency Case Administrator, Frost Group Limited, Croydon, UK

"The ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency has reinforced what I have learnt on the job and it has provided technical knowledge that I can apply in my work going forward. There was a lot of information to get through but the classes were excellent as tuition was personal and focused, depending on our individual experience. It has given me a solid understanding of insolvency issues which will help my future career development."

Mitesh Patel, Executive, Advisory Services, Grant Thornton UK LLP


"As the largest UK insolvency regulator, the ICAEW understands the industry and so the syllabus has been designed to cover everything an aspiring insolvency professional will need to know."

Catherine Jones, Assistant Director, Corporate Finance, Deloitte LLP

"The ICAEW is a world-class professional body with a host of well-established learning programmes. The ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency will appeal to anyone who wants to gain an essential knowledge of insolvency principles and how to apply them."

Derek Oakley, Debt Solutions Director, Fairpoint Group

"The ICAEW provides an insider’s knowledge of what it takes to apply insolvency principles in the real world. The programme goes beyond the mere letter of the law and focuses keenly on how that learning can be applied."

Jeremy Willmont, Partner, Moore Stephens LLP

"Insolvency professionals will gain both the technical and practical ‘know-how’ they need to get ahead."

Margaret MacDougall, Senior Associate, Zolfo Cooper

"The ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency is not just for accountants – it’s suitable for anyone who wants to understand the principles of insolvency. What’s more, the programme gives equal weight to how those principles can be applied making it a highly practical course of learning."

Roy Welsby, Partner, Grant Thornton UK LLP

"The ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency is a key element in the ICAEW’s growing portfolio of professional learning programmes and it complements the ACA and CFAB perfectly. It’s a logical choice for anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge still further."

Victoria Liemann, Associate Director, Baker Tilly Restructuring and Recovery LLP