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How to register as an ICAEW CFAB Accounting Technician apprentice

To register as an ICAEW CFAB Accounting Technician apprentice, select the ‘Accounting Technician apprenticeship (Level 4)’ option under 'ICAEW CFAB, USS or CFAB Accounting Technician apprenticeship'. This step-by-step guide details the information you will then need to enter; be sure to have all of it to hand when you register.

1. Your educational qualification 

Add your qualifications here. You will need to select:

  • qualification level
  • country in which you achieved the qualification
  • qualification type
  • course type
  • qualification
  • course (your actual course may not be listed, so select the closest option)
  • grade
  • date of qualification

You can add all your qualifications or just your most recent. 

2. Training office number

Add your training office number – your employer or principal will give this to you. As soon as you enter the number, your employer’s or principal’s details will appear. You will also need to add the start date of your apprenticeship. If you have started your apprenticeship, you will only be able to go back four months when setting your start date.

3. Employer reference number

Enter your training office number, which is issued to your employer by the employer data service. Your employer or principal will give this to you.

4. Unique learner number

Enter your unique learner number.

5. Tutor organisation

Select your tuition provider from the drop down list.

Other information

Now select the duration of your apprenticeship from the drop down list.

Almost done. Please disclose any disability information, your ethnic origin and answer some social mobility questions.

Terms and conditions

Read through the terms and conditions. You must accept them to continue.

Your application summary

The summary of your application will now appear. Be sure to check all the details; if they are all correct, click submit.

Please allow 24 hours to receive access to your training log. If your apprenticeship begins at a future date, you will only be able to access your training log on this date.