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Energise your business

Aimed at professionals in a variety of departments and career levels within your business, the ICAEW Business and Finance Professional (BFP) designation is a way for you to build a structured professional development path for your staff and give them the opportunity to gain recognition for their achievements.

The three BFP Elements:

  • ICAEW CFAB is an internationally recognized qualification providing a solid foundation in business and finance. Consisting of six modules it covers a range of topics including business strategy, planning, forecasting, budgeting, risk management, law and tax amongst others.
  • ICAEW Ethics learning program provides an understanding of potential ethical dilemmas, appropriate ways to address ethical threats and how to identify ethical principles. It helps to demonstrate your staff's personal integrity and ethical awareness. 
  • 12 months’ full-time work experience in a business and/or finance role.  

What does BFP give your business:

  • Promote a culture of professionalism
  • Enhance credibility with clients
  • Creates a structured professional development path for all levels

What does BFP give your staff:

As part of their annual subscription, those with BFP status receive invaluable support from ICAEW and access to a variety of resources.
These are dedicated to your staff’s ongoing professional development and to demonstrating their commitment to high ethical standards. Among others, they benefit from:

  • The right to use the BFP letters, demonstrating their association with ICAEW
  • Online management and personal development resources from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
  • Business and finance refresher
  • Microsoft Excel online training
  • Chosen specialism on latest technical and business issues
  • One-to-one, free and confidential help from ICAEW’s technical advisory and ethics helplines