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Practical business qualifications

Seek out the best qualifications. Help your employees achieve your business goals by offering them practical business qualifications from a world leader of the finance and accountancy profession.

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Who we are


We believe in educating people to the highest standard. Our suite of qualifications and personal development programmes cover a range of specialist areas across accountancy, finance and business. They are designed to give your employees the confidence and knowledge to make a positive impact within your organisation, at all stages of their career.

What we can offer you

Our learning programmes and qualifications are flexible, practical and designed to easily fit around your employees’ workloads and commitments. They are suitable for anyone looking to develop their commercial awareness and fundamental financial skills, which means we can help your finance and accounts teams, senior managers, purchasing, sales and even your own HR teams.

They include:

  • ACA   - our internationally recognised premier business and finance qualification is suitable for new or existing employees who are looking to become ICAEW Chartered Accountants.
  • Business Sustainability Programme  - an informative and practical e-learning programme designed to help your employees understand the issues that companies face in becoming sustainable.
  • ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business  - enhance your employees’ potential by giving them the opportunity to gain practical and essential knowledge for today’s business environment.
  • Corporate Finance qualification  - an international standard in corporate finance that recognises corporate financiers at the highest level.
  • Diploma in Charity Accounting  - a specialist qualification for charity accounting professionals, which will help them demonstrate their expertise in the sector.
  • ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency  - a practical introduction to corporate and personal insolvency principles for finance, legal and other professionals.
  • ICAEW ISAs programme  - an e-learning programme that offers a flexible route to a better understanding of international standards on auditing (ISAs) and the audit process.
  • IFRSs and financial reporting learning qualifications and programmes  - a portfolio of qualifications and programmes to support and help your employees understand and confidently meet financial reporting standards for small, medium and large organisations and the public sector.

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If you would like more information on how any of our qualifications and programmes can help develop your employees and how they can be easily integrated into your training plans, please contact us.