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Why study with ICAEW?

Achieve your potential. We develop the knowledge and skills of current and future business leaders.

What we can offer you

Practical business qualifications.

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We believe in educating people to the highest standard. Our comprehensive suite of qualifications and career development programmes cover a range of specialist areas across accountancy, finance and business, which develop and support individuals at all stages of their career.

Why study with ICAEW?

Flexible study options

Many of our study programmes offer flexibility through different study options including e-learning, distance learning and classroom-based tuition. You can plan your study and assessment to suit your commitments.

Study support

We offer a wide range of services and resources that are tailored to each qualification and programme. These include a dedicated helpline, study advice and resources available through the online student communities, e-newsletters and the ICAEW website.

Specific qualifications will also provide you with complimentary e-membership of relevant ICAEW special interest groups or faculties, which help to keep your technical knowledge up to date.

Recognition of achievement

On successful completion, each qualification and programme will award you with an ICAEW certificate of achievement. This will provide formal recognition of your achievement.