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Benefits of ACA training

ICAEW Chartered Accountants are recognised around the world as leaders in accountancy, finance and business. Their qualification, the ACA, can help you to attract and retain talented individuals who will enhance the performance of your organisation.

ACA training creates accountancy, finance and business professionals with the technical knowledge and high-level professional skills to future-proof your business. We constantly evolve the ACA qualification to ensure it is flexible and meets the needs of the market now and in the future.

More than 6,000 different types and size of organisations around the world already benefit from ACA training. See some of our case studies from employers in practice, business and the public sector here.

Eight reasons to offer ACA training in your organisation

Download our infographic detailing the benefits of training ACA students

  1. Return on investment: 67% of FTSE 100 companies have an ICAEW Chartered Accountant on their board. Many organisations therefore use ACA training as part of their succession planning strategy to develop effective and agile business partners that drive performance in a fast-changing world. The high-level skills your employees gain through ACA training equip them to be financially literate, see the bigger picture and confidently operate in uncertain economic conditions.

  2. Diverse entry routes: There are many routes to the ACA qualification, so you can choose the option that is right for you and your employees. Our entry-level qualifications are a perfect gateway into the profession. They are suitable for everyone from school leavers to experienced professionals. The Level 7 apprenticeship also allows you to access up to 95% of government funding to train ACA students (in England only).

  3. Flexible training and exams: 90% of ACA students qualify in four years or less. Our excellent tuition providers around the world offer a range of flexible options including evening, weekend and online study. The ACA qualification is modular, meaning students can study it in any order to fit around your operational needs (except for the Case Study which must be attempted last.) Exams can be sat online or in an exam centre or both, whatever is your and your students' preference.

  4. Commercial skills: The ACA syllabus is relevant to all sectors and enables your staff to gain the appropriate breadth and depth of technical knowledge to work across all aspects of management, finance and regulatory accounting. The exams are designed to develop key skills in assimilating information, solving problems, applying judgement and providing recommendations, all of which test the strategic, commercial mindset of aspiring business leaders. We offer some alternative exams too which means that trainees can gain subject and sector-specific knowledge while studying for the ACA. 

  5. Recruitment and retention: Offering the prestigious ACA qualification with its longstanding heritage and global stature is an attractive recruitment tool, helping you to retain quality employees and create a pipeline of future leaders. 67% of students say they would be less likely to accept a job offer for a finance/accountancy graduate role if an employer did not offer the ACA qualification. Advertising your vacancies on our online jobs portal ICAEW Training Vacancies will help you reach hundreds of high calibre students and part-qualified trainees. 

  6. Belonging and supporting: We work closely with our tuition providers and develop ICAEW-written, high-quality learning materials to support students’ exam success – in fact 80% of ACA students pass their exams first-time. You will also receive ongoing support and updates on the opportunities with ICAEW from your dedicated regional ICAEW client manager. 
  7. Technical knowledge: Technology, such as data analytics, blockchain and cyber security is embedded throughout the ACA training and qualification to help students deconstruct data and effectively communicate findings to wider stakeholders in order to drive efficiency, security and innovation in your business. Students also use data analytics software within the exams to replicate the workplace – we were the first professional body to incorporate this software into the exams process. 

  8. Trusted advisers: ICAEW Chartered Accountants are widely known for their professionalism. They know how to spot risks, communicate their commercial implications and provide interventions. Ethics and professional scepticism are embedded throughout the qualification, to ensure ICAEW Chartered Accountants consistently protect the quality and integrity of the profession and maintain trust in your organisation. The ACA training helps you develop a team with the high-level skills and confidence to ask the right questions and ensure your business is on a sustainable path with ethical and green decision-making at the core. 



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