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Practical insights for professionals working in financial services, including bank regulation, assets and liabilities, compliance, risk, capital adequacy and liquidity management.

ALM fundamentals

How the ALM function looks to optimise balance sheet performance via the more selective deployment of resources.

Balance sheet adequacy

Gain awareness on potential impact will be from Basel IV and CRD V on balance sheets.

Funds Transfer Pricing for banks

The role of Funds Transfer Pricing within a bank and the regulatory requirements for it.

Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB)

Be better equipped to adapt to Final Standards for Management of IRRBB [BIS 368] in your organisation.

PRA’s approach to supervising banks

This course provides an overview of the UK financial services regulation including the role of the regulatory bodies and how they supervise banks and building societies.

The audit of risk management in banks

Examine the relationship between the Audit Committee and the Board Risk Committee.

Treasury products

A thorough overview of the treasury products including what they are, when they are used, how their price is derived.