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Business performance, reporting and strategy

Increase your strategic and commercial capability to generate business solutions.

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak some courses have been postponed. Courses which are currently unavailable can still be run for team bookings and tailored to company needs via virtual classroom learning. For more information please email academy@iacew.com.

Virtual Classrooms

Agile Excel – reporting and dashboards

Discover how to present financial information in a clear and concise manner.

Agile project management – deliver faster and better outcomes

Traditional project management techniques tend to be linear. Our approach in this course is continuous, making it more agile, and better suited to deliver results in the fast moving environment of today.

Influencing the strategic planning process

This course helps you explore the lessons from the world's most successful businesses. Learn the importance of creating customer-focussed business plans, and how finance should contribute to organisational strategy.

Lean accounting – make your finance function more efficient

This course will give you a firm foundation and practical insights into lean finance practices that will enable your team to focus on value added activities by streamlining accounting routines.

Measuring ROI on commercial activity

This course equips you with powerful techniques to challenge commercial colleagues to get to the core of commercial ROI.

Understand contractual risk – why the accountant’s perspective is crucial

This course will demystify legal concepts and terminology and will explain how the terms of the contract can accurately and clearly reflect the intentions of the parties.

Postponed courses (currently unavailable)

Courses which are currently unavailable can still be run for team bookings and tailored to company needs. For more information please email academy@iacew.com.

Ethics for business

This interactive and engaging workshop goes further than just understanding the various codes of ethics. It looks deeper at personal psychology, organisational culture and how these can impact on behavious (both corporate and personal).

Quick month-end close

This course is for everyone who wants to improve timelines of month end reporting to management and the board.

Risk management for finance professionals

This course provides a good practical overview of what chartered accountants, both executive and indeed non-executive, need to know about risk management.

The commercial accountant

Learn how to negotiate pretty much anything with pretty much anyone, and then see how you can apply that knowledge as a finance professional to provide more insightful and timely financial support.

Winning KPIs – using metrics to improve business performance

This course shows you how to identify performance measures that can help your business better deliver to its strategic goals and objectives.