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Business performance risk and strategy

Learn new and innovative ways to measure success - increase your strategic and commercial capability to generate business solutions with ICAEW CPD courses.

Influencing the strategic planning process for senior leaders and directors

Explore lessons from the world’s most successful businesses, learning the importance of creating customer-focused business plans, and how finance should contribute to organisational strategy.

Making and communicating strategic decisions for finance professionals

Leadership is about making the decision that will drive an organisation forward. This masterclass will teach you how to make difficult strategic decisions, and how best to communicate them for maximum impact.

Measuring ROI on commercial activity for finance professionals

Learn powerful techniques to challenge commercial colleagues to get to the core of commercial ROI.

Modern Balanced Scorecards and strategic performance frameworks

The basics of modern Balanced Scorecards and how to use a modern Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as a strategic performance framework.

Pricing for finance business partners for accountants

Learn the secrets behind pricing strategy, and how you can apply the learning to influence higher profits in your organisation.

Risk management for senior finance professionals

For finance professionals who want to increase their ability to embed a culture of effective risk management in their organisation.

The commercial accountant

Learn how to think commercially, operate in the grey and sell your ideas. Appropriate for those in business or working in the public sector and are being challenged to operate commercially.

Understand contractual risk for B2B accountants

Demystify legal concepts and terminology and explain how the terms of the contract can accurately and clearly reflect the intentions of the parties.

Winning KPIs – using metrics to improve business performance

New and innovative ways to measure business performance and how to link KPIs to strategy and key business goals.

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