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Audit and Assurance Roadshow

Improving quality and improving efficiency – current and future audit developments.

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This roadshow will focus on all the latest developments in audit technology and the latest thinking on how to improve audit quality and efficiency.

Currently, many audit firms are planning how to improve their audit processes. There are lots of directions that firms could go to change the way they audit, with the aim of improving audit quality, efficiency and client service. Some of these changes are major and require significant investment but there are also small changes that can reap big rewards.

The roadshow will explain options that firms are considering and examine their merits. The roadshow will also cover the simple things that firms can do to improve quality and efficiency

The roadshow will look at:

  • the options available for using data analytics in auditing and how and why firms are implementing them
  • other technologies being used by audit firms
  • changing approaches to audit methodologies
  • training of audit staff and
  • tips to improve audit quality and efficiency without data analytics

As always, the roadshow will also provide a round up of all the latest news in auditing for the busy audit practitioner, including:

  • new and revised ISAs, especially changes to the audit report
  • new and revised ICAEW material
  • changes to legislation and regulation
  • changes to auditor ethics and
  • latest hot auditing issues

The roadshow material is prepared in conjunction with the Audit and Assurance Faculty.

ICAEW trainers - John Selwood ACA, Peter Herbert, Andrew Mead