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Charity Roadshow

This half-day course is designed to provide a high level update of essential developments in the sector, for those in the regions and district societies who are involved with audits and examinations of charity accounts but who may not be full-time charity specialists.

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The seminar will focus on accounting, reporting, assurance and governance matters, and will also be relevant for charity staff and Trustees with a particular interest in, or responsibility for, financial reporting in their organisation.  We will explore the impact of new guidance and regulations already in force as well as looking ahead to help you and your charity clients prepare for key developments which will need consideration in the following months.

The seminar will draw upon practical case studies and examples, and will address topics from the perspective of the charity practitioner, as well as considering the issues which will be of relevance to your charity clients and Trustees.

Whilst not covering legal, tax or VAT matters in detail, the seminar will signpost delegates to developments in those areas where they impact the role of charity practitioners or Trustees, particularly in respect of risk management processes, or planning opportunities.

The seminar content will be flexible to take into account developments throughout the year but will be broadly structured as follows:

  • Setting the scene:  Charity sector context including recent themes and findings from Charity Commission enquiries, reviews and consultations, and a reminder of the current regulatory framework
  • Accounting and financial reporting:  Update on recent and expected changes in charity accounting and financial reporting, including audit and examination guidance and processes, and Charity SORP and related developments.  We will discuss the trickier and more judgemental areas of charity accounting, as well as highlighting important tips for effective stakeholder reporting.
  • Challenges for Trustees:  Consideration of the key challenges facing Trustees – ensuring that you are able to support your charity clients effectively through your relationship as auditor / examiner. This will include a broader look at governance developments, risk management and internal controls
  • Horizon scanning:  A brief roundup of wider upcoming developments which may impact your consideration of client risk, as well as affect charities’ risk management processes, for example, legal, tax and VAT changes.