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Financial Reporting Roadshow

With recent changes in UK accounting the financial reporting faculty roadshow continues to give clear guidance in an increasing complex world.

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The roadshow focuses on UK GAAP, particularly FRS 102, including the provisions for small companies, in Section 1A.

The roadshow covers:

  • The latest changes, and proposed changes, to UK accounting standards.
  • Changes to Companies Act 2006 accounting requirements.
  • Common problem areas identified by the ICAEW technical helpline and the monitoring unit.
  • Hot topics such as disclosure of transactions with directors, financial instruments etc.
  • Issues relating to charities, pension schemes, LLPs and other specialist areas.
  • Topical issues for micro companies.
  • Accounts filing at Companies House.
  • The tax impact of accounting standards.

The roadshow material is developed in conjunction with the Financial Reporting Faculty.