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Tax Roadshow

Back by popular demand, Rebecca Benneyworth will present this year’s Tax Roadshow, taking place in a location near you. Choose from a selection of topics most relevant to you, including:

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Tax Updates – Spring and Autumn

Two very practical tax update sessions that will cover everything since the last update. The spring updates will cover the Finance Act 2018 (or Bill if too early for the Act). Budget November 2018 announcements not in the Finance Act will also be covered plus any material from Finance (No 2) Act 2017 which seems appropriate. The autumn course will cover other developments, and on later session the 2018 Budget. All taxes relevant to the general practice will be covered, identifying action points and practical issues alongside the technical material. Developments in MTD and HMRC Agent services will also be included on both sessions.

Tax planning for the small business

This course will look at tax developments over the last 2 years affecting small businesses – both incorporated and unincorporated. It will look at the current position on incorporation, examining the tax differentials and general trend for businesses of all sizes. For small limited companies, the salary v dividend position will be explained, given recent changes. Tips on incorporation and reliefs available will be included, as will any other practical issues on ceasing to trade through a company and tax efficient extraction of funds.

Property tax update

This course will look at all of the issues affecting clients investing in property – both residential and commercial. It will review income and corporation tax issues, SDLT on residential property, VAT issues in relation to commercial property, the availability and effective use of capital allowances and any developments which will affect client in 2018. The course will serve both as a refresher and an update for those attending.

Employment Taxes Update (Schedule into Feb / March/April only)

This session will update delegates on all of the changes in employment taxes and related issues in the last 12 months. It will cover PAYE (including news on HMRC processes as appropriate) NIC, benefits and expenses. It will also refresh delegates on issues with Employment allowance, Apprenticeship levy and student loans. Turning to the IR35 sector, it will explain how to deal with clients working in the public sector, developing appropriate advice and with specimen accounts for affected companies. Lastly, any recent developments in auto enrolment will also be explained.

VAT current issues and problems

This course will serve as a VAT update, picking up on Revenue & Customs briefs issued in the 24 months before the course, and key Tribunal and other court decisions. The remainder of the course will look at current issues cropping up in practice, plus a refresh on some of the more tricky aspects of VAT including opting to tax, transfer of going concern and other property related issues. The latest position on MTD for VAT will also be covered.

Personal Tax Update

This course will cover developments in personal tax in the last 12 – 18 months. The tax areas covered will include:

  • Income tax
  • National Insurance contributions
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Tax on savings and pensions
  • Inheritance tax
  • HMRC processes and agent services, including MTD for individuals