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Lead to inspire and deliver strategy in a changing environment.

Advanced finance business partnering

Explore the powerful technique of perceptual positions, helping you see situations through the eyes of your partners and then solve problems with breakthrough thinking.

Board readiness – for new and aspiring Directors

Understand the full extent of directors’ roles, legal obligations and responsibilities, including the difference between executive and non-executive directors.

Building a high performance finance team

Learn the people-management techniques required to build a high-performance finance team. Including setting the right priorities, linking finance to overall strategy, giving effective feedback and developing your staff.

Develop a world-class business partnering function

How to structure your team and their priorities to free up time to partner, enabling them to challenge effectively and influence decisions.

Finance function optimisation and transformation

Understand the potential benefits of finance transformation, and know how to access them.

Introduction to corporate governance

Practical advice on what organisations need to consider as best practice to meet both their needs and their stakeholder expectations.

Leading change in the finance function

Learn stay focused on the vision of a change project, win over the sceptics, build the right team to deliver it and keep business as usual on track.

Making and communicating strategic decisions

In this masterclass you will learn how to make difficult strategic decisions, and how best to communicate them for maximum impact.

NED training and certification programme

A multi-stage, interactive course covering essential topics including: the role of NEDS, NEDs and the board, director duties and responsibilities, the role of the chairman and board committee.

Shared services

Learn how to assess and implement shared services without consulting expensive contractors.

The high performing Board Director

Understand your own strengths and development needs in areas such as chairing meetings, influencing and collective decision-making.