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Valuation and corporate finance

Become a true expert on corporate finance and enhance your knowledge and understanding of valuation and deal making.

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak some courses have been postponed. The courses which are still running will be delivered virtually via virtual classrooms. See the virtual classrooms section below to view which courses are available.

Virtual classrooms

Advanced valuation techniques

Address the practical issues associated with the complexities of valuation.

Advising on a business disposal

An insightful overview of the business disposal process, so you can provide value-creating advice at all stages of a disposal.

Business acquisition and due diligence

Become more confident in assisting prospective business acquisitions and influence post-acquisition value-creation during the process.

Practical business valuation

Learn the most appropriate valuation approaches, models and techniques for conducting business valuations.

Postponed courses (currently unavailable)

Courses which are currently unavailable can still be run for team bookings and tailored to company needs. For more information please email academy@iacew.com.

Valuation of intangible assets under FRS 102

Equip yourself with the techniques that can be used to value intangible assets under FRS 102.