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ICAEW films in action

ICAEW film events provide an opportunity for accountancy professionals to attend facilitated film sessions. Open to all ICAEW members (as well as non-members), the sessions are run by the Professional Standards team, who help develop the scripts and training materials for the films.

Regional showings

In each session, key themes from an ICAEW film are explored in more depth through group discussion. Each part of the film is watched, after which, a couple of topics are discussed. Participants explore the possible ways the film’s characters could have responded to events in different ways.

At a recent event for Without Question, some of the soft and technical skill topics explored included:

  • Social media – the dangers of not considering social media and the impact of sharing a small and seemingly insignificant piece of news. The need for, and the awareness of, a social media policy for staff.
  • The importance of establishing a culture in which people can speak up and feel valued.
  • Team management – identifying poor ways of managing teams.
  • The relationship between the auditor and the audit committee.

These events also provide the opportunity to see how a session can be run in-house as part of internal training programmes or as stand-alone team building event. Suggestions are given about how the training materials can be used to facilitate sessions; question ideas, format and audience groups.

Future events

To help us ensure future events are located as conveniently as possible, if you are interested in attending an ICAEW film event in 2019, please complete the form below. If you’d like further information about a film licence, please email falseassurance@icaew.com.

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DATA protection statement

The protection of personal privacy is an important concern to ICAEW. Any personal data collected will be treated in accordance with current data protection legislation. Your details will only be used to contact you about future ICAEW film events and in order to support we may share your information within ICAEW. For more information about our data protection policy please go to icaew.com/dataprotection.