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HEI conference 2018

On Friday 12 January we welcomed over 100 academics from our Partner in Learning institutions to Chartered Accountants’ Hall for a day of networking, discussion and debate.

Through the Partner in Learning scheme we are able to collaborate, share resources and insight, and maintain an open and ongoing dialogue which allows for wider and easier access to the profession for university students.

Bridging the gap between the academic and professional worlds is the cornerstone of  the Partner in Learning scheme, and this conference is important as it allows us to connect academia, industry/practice and the profession. Nick Parker, ICAEW President, addressed the delegates and shared our vision and strategy, stressing the importance of working together to build skilled future professionals. Sharing insight, creating lasting partnerships and discussing the future of the profession helps us to build a world of strong economies, together.

The day was split into three themes designed to reflect the new ICAEW strategy.

Presentation slides are available to download. 

Note: All materials are subject to copyright and should be viewed and used in the same context in which they were presented at the conference. No materials may be distributed to third parties without the express permission of ICAEW.

Partnerships and connected communities

Professional skills and adaptability

Technology and the future of accountancy