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Corporate governance and reporting

Businesses and organisations need to consider and respond to requirements for disclosing their exposure to the eurozone. On this page you can find briefings and practical guidance on country and currency risks.

The danger zone: Financial reporting implications of the Eurozone's economic struggles
An edition of Deloitte's Heads Up newsletter published in July 2012 which looks at the Eurozone crisis and its implications for financial reporting under US GAAP. An appendix considers the financial reporting considerations that could arise for a US parent with a foreign subsidiary in the event of a eurozone exit.

Turbulent times: Financial reporting considerations arising from the Eurozone crisis
Briefing published in July 2012 by Deloitte's IFRS Global Office which 'highlights some of the key issues emerging from the ongoing Eurozone crisis that need to be considered by entities preparing their financial statements for periods ending on or after 30 June 2012'.