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Died in the Service of their Country during the War 1914-1918

The list of Members and Articled Clerks who died in the service of their country has been reproduced from the ICAEW List of Members in 1919 and is the latest published version of the list (revised to 13th June 1919) known to exist within the collection of the ICAEW Library & Information Service.

About the list

The list was revised on a number of occasions and various versions exist. Earlier versions were published with the Annual Report 1919 and in the Accountant on May 10th 1919.

The version published in the the ICAEW List of Members for 1919 includes 482 names, however by the time the official history was written in 1966 the number of members and articled clerks who died in service was given as 510. The Library & Information Service is not aware of any later published versions of the list within the LIS collection.