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With the colours

The book 'With the colours; a list of Chartered and Incorporated Accountants and their Clerks who are serving with the British Forces on land and sea, 1914-1916' reproduced the lists of names previously published in The Accountant.

The list was revised to include the names of all those who joined the colours prior to March 1916. Each entry states the name of the individual, their firm and the force they joined. The list is annotated where individuals are known to have been killed or wounded (or are listed as missing).

A-Z by Surname

The main sequence of the book lists Chartered Accountants, Incorporated Accountants and their Clerks by surname (excluding Scottish Accountants, who were listed separately).


Abbiss to Addenbrooke
Addington to Annan
Anthony to Attoe
Attwood to Avison
Bach to Baker G.E.
Baker, G.E.C. to Barnett, H.A.
Barnett, P. to Baxter, A.E.
Baxter, Chas to Bennett, J.
Bennett, R.M. to Blake, T.R.
Blake, W.L. to Boustred
Bowden to Brickmann
Bridge to Brown, H.
Brown, J. to Burroughs
Burrows to Carlisle
Carnes to Chapman, S.P.
Chapman, W. to Clarke-Lens, B.L.
Clarke, S.T. to Collins, A.H.
Collins, B. to Corbidge
Corcoran to Crawford
Crease to Cuthbertson


Dack to Davis, A.
Davis, B. to Dewhurst
de Wolf to Doxey
Drabble to Dyson
Eales to Ellis, C. O.
Ellis, C. W. to Eyton
Fabian to Fillingham
Finch to Foulds
Fowles to Furse


Gardiner to Gilbert
Giles to Gordon, D.H.
Gordon, E.M.B. to Greenwood, F.T.
Greenwood, H. to Gwynne
Gysin to Gyton
Habben to Halstead, A.F.
Halstead, T.N. to Harris, G.S.
Harris, H.V. to Haythornthwaite
Hayward to Hews
Hey to Hobson, F.
Hobson, F.J. to Hooper, Reginald
Hooper, W.D. to Huggins, D.F.
Huggins, H.D. to Hyland


Ibbotson to Ivey
Jackson, A. to Jackson, E.S.
Jackson, G.F. to Johnson, W.A.
Johnson, W.H. to Just
Kay to Kimberley, A.W.
Kimberley, T.E. to Kyle, H.G.


Lacy to Laughland
Laurence to Lewis, Dudley
Lewis, Ernest to Longstaff
Lord to Lyon
MacAlister to Macfarlane, A.D.
Macfarlane,- to Marshall, C.T.
Marshall, J.H. to McCrossan
McDonald to Messenger
Metcalf to Mitchell
Mitchinson to Morris, John Talwin
Morris, L. to Myson


Naismith to Nixon
Noakes to Nutting
Noakes to Nutting
Oakley to Ogden
Ogilvy to Oxley


Page to Pallister
Palmer to Peake, Edward M.
Peake, E.M. to Phare, D.G.
Phare, E.D. to Poole, W. Alan
Poole, W. to Prichard
Priest to Pyper
Queree to Quin


Rabbitts to Ragnham
Railton to Richards, Dudley
Richards, W.T. to Robertson, J. B.
Robertson, P. to Rowsell, H.
Royston to Ryley
Sadler to Sanders
Sanderson to Sellers
Semple to Shipton, G.
Shipton, G.F.H. to Sline
Sly to Smith, V.G.
Smith, W.A. to Stacey, A.H.
Stacey, Gerald A. to Stone, J.E.
Stone, W.N. to Sylvester
Symonds to Symondson


Tackley to Taylor, L.
Taylor, N.C.to Thomson, D.C.
Thomson, H.C.S. to Trenow
Trew to Tyte
Udall to Underwood
Vale to Volt
Wackerbath to Walton, G.H.
Walton, George to Watson, S.L.
Watson, T. to West, D.A.
West, E.H.to Whitfield, E.
Whitfield, Norman to Williamson, T.H.
Williamson, V.B. to Wood, J.
Wood, Leslie to Wyllie
Yates to Yule


A List of Scottish Chartered Accountants and their Apprentices and Clerks who have joined the Colours

A separate listing of Scottish Accountants and Clerks was published at the end of 'With the colours' and can be accessed by surname from the list below:

Aikman to Bruce
Buchan to Duprey
Duthie to Henderson
Henderson to Mackinnon
Mackinnon to Murray
Murray to Shearer
Shennan to Webster
Weir to Yuill

Index by name of Firm

An index by name of firm was published in 'With the colours' which provides a way to see all accountants and clerks serving from a specific firm, for example there were 24 entries for the firm of Spicer & Pegler.

Adamson, Son & Co. to Brodie & Co., James M.
Brooks & Stocks to Dickinson, H. B.
Dixon, Wilson, Tubbs & Co. to Ham, Dennehy & Co.
Hamer, Ferguson & Hamer to Kilby, Fred
Kimberley, Morrison & Co. to Muras, Harries, Johnston & Co.
Murray, Burman & Co. to Russell & Co., G. H.
Saffery, Sons & Co. to Usher, A. E.
Vale, W. Vincent to Young, Robert

Once you have established the relevant page numbers to consult, you can refer to the relevant pages through the page-by-page listing of 'With the Colours' below.

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Many of the service records that would have been used to establish the service history of individual soldiers were destroyed in a bombing raid on the War Office in 1940. As a consequence, researchers have turned to other sources such as campaign medal rolls and absent voter lists to establish the units that individuals served with. We hope that this online version of 'With the colours' will provide an additional source to help researchers.

To find out more about the resources available from the National Archives to trace individuals who served in the forces during the First World War, please see the guide to How to research military history on the National Archives website.

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